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For the conclusion to our "Doom Metal" week we share with you, our fearless readers, our top 25 doom releases of 2020. Whether it be trad doom, sludge doom, stoner, death doom ... or whatever sub/sub genre of doom you like, we've got you covered!

The listing is in reverse order (to add a bit of suspense you see!), and also includes links to music (and applicable review if available).

We're all doomed!!!

#25 VOLCANOVA - Radical Waves (The Sign Records)

#24 THUNDERCHIEF - No Sufferance For Thy Fools (Bandcamp)

#23 MOONS - Go Out Swinging (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)

#22 VOID MOON - The Autumn Throne (Sun and Moon Records)

#21 GRAVE BATHERS - The Feathered Serpent (Seeing Red Records)

#20 HELLHOOKAH - The Curse (Bandcamp)

#19 BLACK RAINBOWS - Cosmic Ritual Supertrip (Heavy Psych Sounds)

#18 CARDINAL'S FOLLY - Defying The Righteous Way (Bandcamp)

#17 WARLUNG - Optical Delusions (Heavy Psych Sounds)

#16 MOUNTAIN WITCH - Extinct Cults (Bandcamp)

#15 ELECTRIC HYDRA - Electric Hydra (Majestic Mountain Records)

#14 SUNYATA - The Great Beyond (Bandcamp)

#13 YATRA - Blood of the Night (Static Era)

#12 DOPELORD - Sign of the Devil (Green Plague)

#11 OCEAN GATES - Oceans Gates (Boomland)

#10 CANDLEMASS - The Pendulum (Napalm)

#9 GOATSNAKE - Breakfast With The King

#8 WITCHSKULL - A Driftwood Cross (Rise Above)

#7 RIVER OF SOULS - Usurper (Bandcamp)

#6 EYE OF DOOM - Curse of the Pharaoh (Bandcamp)

#5 SLEEPING VILLAGE - Holy Water (Bandcamp)

#4 GRACELESS - Where The Vultures Know Your Name (Bandcamp)

#3 NORTHERN CROWN - In A Pallid Shadow (Bandcamp)

#2 MOONSTONE - Moonstone (Galactic Smokehouse)

#1 HEX A.D. - Ad Astro Tongue in the Electric Garden (Fresh Tea)


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