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GRACELESS - Where Vultures Know Your Name

Now this is what I look for in a death/doom unit. A band that can effortlessly switch between doses of dread and pummeling death, whether it be in offsetting tracks or merged within individual songs. Crushing, yet full of mid and up-tempos to keep the listener engaged, Graceless had me enthralled throughout multiple listens of this release.

In action since 2017, Where Vultures Know Your Name represents this Dutch unit's sophomore full length album. Perfectly produced, the sound on this is huge, especially the drums which will cave in your skull if played at appropriately unhealthy levels. Seriously, items were falling off the shelves in my basement as I pushed this woofer damaging record to the max on my trusty death deck. Friggin' bliss.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the high quality song writing here too, with its ability to capture the most intense aural devastation whilst also being eminently memorable. Remco Kreft's hoarse roar vocals (think Asphyx/Hail Of Bullets/Pestilence belter Martin van Drunen) then prove to be the final piece to this most pleasurable listening experience. The best death/doom record of the year to date in my opinion. Just remember to move breakables from your shelves before hitting play.


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