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JUDAS PRIEST - Nostradamus

Review originally published in Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles Magazine, Issue #112 The dreaded concept album. Many a band ...

CANDLEMASS - The Pendulum

These are indeed heady times for doom legends Candlemass after the return of original singer John Langquist and the release of ...

TED NUGENT - Craveman

Review originally posted in Rip'N'Tear Magazine, Issue #16 After crisscrossing North America several times over the ...

(Podcast) BEST SONGS OF ... 1970

Welcome to the first episode of our BEST SONGS OF .. podcast series. In our inaugural episode, we'll be listing and listening to the top

DOPELORD - Sign Of The Devil

Attention all woofer-damaging doom aficionados!! If you're looking for your next dose of heavy-as-hell, slow-as-hell dirges ...

(Podcast) DEMO/EP NEW RELEASES - April 2020

This episode we introduce a new series as part of our "New Release Monday" podcasts ... DEMO/EP ROUNDUP! This is where we'll dive deep into the underground to bring you the latest demos, EPs, singles and mini-albums, many of them debut recordings from some potential future big-hitters in the world of metal, hard rock and punk. Dive in! AUDIO VIDEO (0:00) MISANTHROPIC AGGRESSION - Polyneuropathic Freaks From Hell (Boris Records) (4:55) MORTE LUNE - Temple of Flesh (Purity Through Fire) (8:51) CANDLEMASS - The Pendulum (Napalm Records) (10:58) CURSE - The Awakening ... And The Old (Redefining Darkness) (14:10) LUTHARO - Wings of Agony (Bandcamp) (19:15) KARLOFF - Raw Nights (Dying Victims) (20


In this podcast we continue with our "Best Of ... series focusing on the best loud releases of 2000.


Lucifer's 2015 debut full length (I) was unsurprisingly a doom metal/rock outing given that doom riff-god Gaz Jennings ...


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