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(Podcast) Top 10 Albums of 1977

In this podcast we continue with our "Best Of ..." series, focusing on the best metal and hard rock releases of 1977. Go back, wa

(Video) TRIUMPH - Live 101

Welcome to our inaugural "Live 101" video series where we shine a spotlight on a band's discography by viewing some of their b

NORTHERN CROWN - In A Pallid Shadow

Release date July 3, 2020 (Bandcamp) Fans of epic doom metal rejoice, Northern Crown has created an intoxicating full length that is sure to provide hours of listening pleasure for you. The Floridian's In A Pallid Shadow is one of those rare albums where each track is not only different from each other, but the totality of the album agonizingly crafted into a enticing package begging for concentrated listening sessions. Opener "Leprosarium" introduces us to the opus, lurching forward in fine Candlemass form, mid-tempo doom with stellar singing and guitar soloing, along with backing keyboards adding a slight prog element to their sound. "The Last Snowfall" follows, a glorious track that is s

(Video) CLASSIC CONCERTS: VARDIS - Live at Shepperton Studios

We continue with our classic concerts series, in this case finding NWOBHM boogie-metal merchants VARDIS in action supporting their third record Quo Vardis in front of their fan club at Shepperton Studios (Surrey, England). A criminally underrated recording entity and one damned fine live act as you'll see. Steve Zodiac's guitar work is indeed stellar (check out his solo during "100 MPH"), but listen to the rhythm section here. No rhythm guitarist is necessary as Alan Selway (bass) and Gary Pearson lay down the law. Go back to 1982 and get ready for a Boogie Blitz!!!

(Podcast) UFO - Discography Review

The Mighty Decibel complete its first discography review podcast, focusing on the underrated, excellent UFO. From UFO 1 through to Conspirac


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