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(Podcast) EXTREME METAL NEW RELEASES - September 2020

Our 'New & Upcoming Releases' podcast series introduces new underground releases to our listeners. This episode we focus solely on extreme metal releases issued September 2020. Let the mayhem begin! PODCAST VIDEO (0:00) HORDE OF HEL - Doden Kelkas (Blooddawn/Regain) (3:43) BURIAL REMAINS - Spawn of Chaos (Raw Skull Recordz) (7:01) KORGUL THE EXTERMINATOR - Sharpen Your Spikes (Xtreem Music) (12:13) BASTARD PRIEST - Vengeance ... of the Damned (Electric Assault) (15:23) PERSEKUTOR - Permanent Winter (Svart Records) (19:49) GOTTERDAMMERUNG - Neuschwabenland (Slovak Metal Army) (22:54) MORTUARY - The Old Skull Reign (Xenokorp) (29:22) DEMOLIZER - Thrashmegeddon (Mighty Music) (31:55) DEPHOSPORU

(Podcast) TOP 10 SONGS OF ... 1974

Welcome to the BEST SONGS OF ... podcast series. In this episode we'll be listing and listening to the top songs of 1974, from a headban


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