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(Playlist) HEART (THE ROCKERS) - In 40 Minutes

Sure, sure Heart joined the long list of corporate whore rockers, well deserving of rockers' disdain for the band.

However, in the 70s (and 1980's Bebe Le Strange) Heart mixed mellow moments with hard hitting rock-outs on their full lengths. For this playlist, The Mighty Decibel has compiled the best rock tracks from the band's early (and best) material.

Kick it out!!!!

Side One

(0:00) Baracuda

(4:21) Bebe Le Strange

(8:00) Magic Man

(13:27) Heartless

(18:28) Kick It Out

Side 2

(21:05) Even It Up

(26:11) Crazy On You

(31:01) Break

(33:34) Rockin' Heaven Down


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