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DOPELORD - Sign Of The Devil

Release date March 10/20 (Green Plague)

Attention all woofer-damaging doom aficionados!! If you're looking for your next dose of heavy-as-hell, slow-as-hell dirges that seemingly excavate through the earth's crust to ... er, hell (of course!), turn your attention to Dopelord's Sign Of The Devil full length.

The Polish veterans' fourth full-length comes fully equipped with those elephantine, earth-cracking riffs that make doom metal records such an awesome experience. Able to elicit a trance response, Dopelord, however, also throw in change-ups throughout to ensure that you don't slip into a doom-induced coma. They even give us an under two-minute speedy death metal closer ('Headless Decapitator"), proving that they can step on the accelerator if they so wish.

Prime doom metal for the taking here, with "Hail Satan", "The Witching Hour Bell" and "Doom Bastards" being especially effective.


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