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(Classical Doom) SUNYATA - The Great Beyond

Release date November 11, 2020 (

First off, don't mistake this for a classic or traditional doom record. Rather, Sunyata has created a doom record utilizing classical instruments, making this a highly unique listening experience. Incorporating space soundtrack elements and intermittent choral singing within the symphony, The Great Beyond sports an immense sound in keeping with the concept of the record, that being the need to examine one's existence in this fragile universe.

Containing four tracks at exactly ten minutes apiece, the title track opener takes the listener into the vastness of space, while the following track ("The Great Below") musically evokes images of discovery at reaching a new destination. The following "Meditation on Death" is more ominous in sound, building to a death march which funeral doom fans will certainly lap up. Meanwhile, the concluding "Meditation On Life" easily contains the most reflective and quiet sections of the record, before loping forward with a concluding somber movement.

Brilliantly written and executed, Sunyata has produced the perfect concerto for doom metal fans. Plant some high quality head phones on and take the journey with them. Highly recommended.



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