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HOLOCAUSTO - Diario de Guerra

Last October I had the pleasure of reviewing Holocausto's Guerra Total EP (refer link below), concluding with a wish

REVENGE - Nocturnal Cult

We start this outing with Colombian speed metal unit Revenge (Colombia) with their Nocturnal Cult EP. In


Bought as a brand spanking new release in late '79, Bomber was the entry point into the world of Motorhead for this now aging

ENFORCED - At The Walls

Last month I attended a concert for the ages in my native Toronto: Iron Reagan + Sacred Reich + Exciter + the-unknown-to-

SLAYER - Show No Mercy

Old School!!!!! Released - 1983 (Metal Blade)I distinctly remember the first time hearing this release and immediately grasping its importan

Beastmaker - Eye Of The Storm

Haunt has been drumming up some considerable trad metal cred with their recent spate of releases (two full lengths and

ABBATH - Outstrider

Issued a year to the date after Immortal's well-received Northern Chaos Gods, Abbath's sophomore platter Outstrider


Even though the album cover screams hardcore punk (depicting punks in a violent uprising beating up police), what we have


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