TOTAL HATE - Throne Behind a Black Veil

Release date August 2/19 (Eisenwald)

Germany's Total Hate embrace all things destructive on this, their fourth full length, as supported by such song titles as 'Decline of Human Life - Pt. II', 'Thou Shalt Kill (Killing Spree Unleashed)' and 'Death Raid Apocalypse'. Basically a treatise to total misanthropy, the Nuremberg-based unit use second-wave black metal as the musical vehicle with which to inflict its message. Certainly, a case where medium and message are a perfect match.

The band pretty well split their time between two styles of blackness here. The first is medium-paced which grinds away while the vocalist's throat-gargling embellishments add to the overall early Darkthrone vibe. The other is a more up-tempo attack which includes some higher pitched guitar work fluttering atop, giving it its grim sound palette. There's some way-cool lead guitar work interspersed as well, where Total Hate flex their musical muscles as if to say, "We can play technical shit too, but choose not to. Fuck off!".