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HOLOCAUSTO - Diario de Guerra

Release date July 31/19 (Nuclear War Now!)

Last October I had the pleasure of reviewing Holocausto's Guerra Total EP (refer link below), concluding with a wish for a follow-up full length release. That request has now been granted, as the Brazilian unit have deigned it time to accost the world with some more of their ultra-violent brand of black/thrash.

Discounting the three intros and outro, we're left with nine over-the-top songs, of which four are re-recordings of the tracks from the above mentioned EP. Those latter tracks having previously being reviewed, I'll focus on the five new tracks here.

First off, all the new songs fit perfectly with the previous material, being menacingly underground in their ferocity as expected. Specifically, the title track and 'Prisoneiro' introduce a speed metal element to their game, buzzing about like Show No Mercy-era Slayer, the former slowing down to a Celtic Frost-style mid-tempo grinding conclusion. Elsewhere Holocausto stomp about chewing up huge chunks of scenery and spitting it back into the listener's face, shamelessly confrontational in its approach. Approach with caution.


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