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WARFIST - Grunberger

Something wicked this way comes Warfist, a blackened thrash unit out of Poland who specializes in old school

DEMO/EP ROUNDUP - Intrcptr and Eggs Of Gomorrh

We continue with our Demo/EP Roundup series ... First up L.A. based INTRCPTR (pronounced 'Interceptor' I assume), a two-man band made up of members from Pelican and 5ive (Ben Carr (G) and Larry Herweg (D)) with their sophomore EP II (Bandcamp). Gotta say that this one caught me by surprise. Rarely has an instrumental release got me this riled up, INTRCPTR letting loose with two tracks of wallowing doom that simply grooves the listener into a pile of dust over its 9-minute length. Catchy as all hell, you'll find your body moving involuntarily to the sub-woofer damaging low end that throbs ceaselessly. Give me more! [8.5] Next up some mercilessly bludgeoning war metal out of Switzerland with E

BAKKARA - Bakkara

Next up, Maine hardcore punkers Bakkara with a self-titled 9-track EP (Bandcamp) covering only 13 minutes, so you know that

DEMO/EP ROUNDUP - Wan and Graveyard Shifters

We continue our roundup of recent EPs/singles/demos/MLPs ... Citing Celtic Frost, Bathory, Hellhammer and Possessed as influences is always a good thing in grabbing this headbanger's attention. Push play and Sweden's WAN live up to lofty expectations with a five track, 15-minute Gammal ar aldst EP (Carnal Records) that delivers the first wave black metal goods. Great headbanging metal riffs are littered throughout and vocalist Tsjud has one mighty fine set of pipes, a gnarly snarl that drags listeners through the muck. Mixing mid-tempo bangers with high speed rippers, sometimes within the same track, this had me throwing the horns in salute. Deadly. [8] Shifting gears into some punk'n'roll,

GATEKEEPER - Grey Maiden

Canadian epic traditional metallists Gatekeeper quickly follow up 2018's well-received full length East of the Sun,

KICKER - Pure Drivel

Release date February 8/19 (Tankcrimes Records) For those of us who are real old and were actually punk fans back in the 1970s, this is a blast from the past. For younger folk, this is something odd (in a good way!) to investigate. This is Kicker's third album. The 11 tracks (26 minutes) are heavily influenced by first generation punk along the lines of the Cockney Rejects. This UK outfit have put together 10 tracks of primo old school punk (the last track, "Goodnight and Fuck Off" is a throwaway novelty song). The songs are simple, driving punk with working class Brit vocals. Most of this album sounds like it was recorded in 1978, but hey, that ain't a bad thing.....1978 was a great year

RIPPER - Speed and Violence

Initiating with a soft acoustic guitar track, almost flamenco in its feel, the listener is eased gently into this EP. That


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