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(Playlist) TROUBLE ('87-'07) - In 40 Minutes

Time to celebrate the discography of one of doom metal's most celebrated acts ... Chicago's Trouble.

Concentrating on the band's Eric Wagner-era material, here we have some of the sub-genre's best tracks. And yes, I prefer the mid-era material over the more celebrated early stuff.

Doom on!!!

Side One

Run to the Light (1987)

(0:00) The Misery Shows

Trouble (1990)

(5:35) End of My Daze

(8:47) The Misery Shows (Act II)

(16:05) Heaven On My Mind

Side 2

Manic Frustration (1992)

(20:14) Hello Strawberry Skies

(23:18) Rain

(27:34) Memory's Garden

Plastic Green Head (1995)

(31:58) Below Me

(35:35) Long Shadows Fall

Simple Mind Condition (2007)

(38:18) Pictures of Life

(42:09) Simple Mind Condition


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