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WARFIST - Grunberger

Release date February 27/19 (Godz Ov War)

Something wicked this way comes with Warfist, a blackened thrash unit out of Poland who specializes in old school punishment. In the business since 2004, this third full length is a wholly professional affair with memorable tracks littered throughout. Given the gift of hook, which is a precious commodity in extreme metal, you'll find yourself singing along to many of these tracks. Example: "To feast on bodies ... bodies ... feasting on dead ... bodies!" on the eloquently titled 'Feasting On Dead Bodies'. Catchy as all hell.

While not a blast-fest, forward momentum is always maintained through the righteous headbanging riffs and sturdy production that focuses on the fine drum and guitar work. Guitarist Mihu's vocals are perfect for this type of setup, a lascivious, discernible growl that drags the music down to the muck where we are encouraged to wallow with the band. If you worship at the altar of Welcome To Hell, Agent Orange and the like, get off your butt and check this out.

Fave tracks: 'The Chapel of Death', 'Death By The Cleansing Fire', 'Grunberger (Drinking With The Devil)' and 'Atrocious Saviour'.


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