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HEXENBRETT - Erste Beschworung

Absolutely love the opening track of this debut EP from Germany's Hexenbrett (translates to witches' board). We are welcomed


And now for something completely different. Well, perhaps not completely, but New York-based, one-man band Funereal

SODOM - Partisan

Other than bassist/vocalist Tom Angelripper, change within the ranks of Sodom has basically been a constant over its 38 year

TEMPLAR - Knights Of Nuclear Hell Decibelfucking The Charred Remains Of The Christ

Released October 31/18 (Bandcamp) In one of the most deranged displays of vocal calisthenics that this reviewer has come across in his close to 50 years of heavy metal consumption, Templar's Knights Of Nuclear Hell Decibelfucking The Charred Remains Of The Christ is certainly targeted for the battle hardened metal extremist. The core vox here is an effective strangled rasp, but is dotted throughout with a number of disparate expulsions. There's an off-kilter croak similar to what Fenriz (Darkthrone) uses on his trad metal tracks, double layered torturous screaming/wailing, Tom G. Warrior grunts, as well as what could best be described as disgruntled ape noises. On paper this seems to be a re

THETAN - Abysmal

"We are Thetan, and we want to hurt you." Prophetic words indeed from the band's Facebook page, the two-piece bass/drum unit

VENOM - Storm The Gates

Venom are back with their 15th official studio album (not counting the 2017 release by their long-lost brothers in Venom Inc

RITUALIZER - Blood Oaths

raditional metal fans will be pleased to hear this debut EP from Brooklyn, New York's female-fronted Ritualizer. The lengthy

SLAVEHOUSE - Taste In Pain

The first few seconds of the debut from Ohio's Slavehouse finds the band racing out of the gate like a drunk and disheveled

NECROFIER - Visions In Fire

Out of the Houston, Texas black metal hotbed (!) comes this debut EP from Necrofier. The title track opener immediately makes

A History Of ... Speed Metal

The 'A History Of ...' series provides a written and musical journey through many of the sub-genres of heavy metal. This issue - spe


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