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SODOM - Partisan

Released November 23/18 (SPV)

Other than bassist/vocalist Tom Angelripper, change within the ranks of Sodom has basically been a constant over its 38 year history (having gone through 8 guitarists and 5 drummers up to the end of 2018). However, for the first time in its lengthy history the band now sports two guitarists with the sacking of Bernd "Bernemann" Kost and addition of Yorck Segatz, along with the return of Frank "Blackfire" Gosdzick. Husky also takes over the drum stool from Markus Friewald. Thus, the Partisan EP has been issued to provide fans with a glimpse of where the new outfit will likely be heading when its next full length is unleashed in the future.

The title track opens up with a sequence that refers back to Persecution Mania's 'Nuclear Winter', the blubbering bass and head bobbing riff likely to satisfy old school fans of the band (like me!). As the song progresses, a short introspective mid-sequence gives way to an extended and surprisingly melodic guitar solo, before reverting to its original premise for its conclusion. 'Conflagration' follows in similar old school thrash mode, Angelripper's unmistakable rasp vocals taking front stage. Altogether these two new tracks point to the Persecution Mania/Agent Orange era, albeit a little less raw, a tad more refined in its delivery.

The EP is concluded with a faithful and enthusiastic live version of Agent Orange's 'Tired and Red', recorded at the Rock Hard Festival 2018.

Hail Sodom!


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