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PODCAST #23 - New & Upcoming Releases (Hard Rock + Non-Extreme Metal Edition)

Our 'New & Upcoming Releases' podcast series attempts to introduce new music to our listeners that they may otherwise not have a chance to hear. This episode we focus on hard rock and non-extreme metal (traditional/doom/power/etc.).

Rock on!

(0:25) PROFESSOR BLACK - I Am The Rock (Bandcamp)

(3:54) BLOOD OF THE SUN - Blood Is Thicker Than Love (Listenable)

(10:08) NEKROMANT - The Nekromant Lives (Ripple Music)

(13:13) TED NUGENT - The Music Made Me Do It (Round Hill)

(15:34) NAZARETH - Tatooed On My Brain (Frontiers)

(19:59) THE VINTAGE CARAVAN - Gateways (Nuclear Blast)

(23:51) FOGHOUND - Awaken To Destroy (Ripple Music)

(27:12) RITUALIZER - Blood Oaths (Bandcamp)

(33:28) COFFIN - I (Bandcamp)

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