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Released January 18/19 (Century Media)

The 13th full length (hence the title) from veteran deathsters Malevolent Creation beats you over the head from pummeling beginning to face melting conclusion. Relentless. You'd think that after some 32 years in the business the band would slow down or lighten up a bit, but there surely must be death metal running through the veins of leader (and sole original member) Phil Fasciana.

Heavy as concrete, the Floridian (via Buffalo, NY) unit's highly addictive brand of speed-infected death races from one bloody scene to the next, only too happy in providing listeners with a lens into their warped souls. New vocalist Lee Wollenschlaeger's guttural death bellows, curiously discernible despite being extreme, prove to be a perfect addition to the band's already impressive weaponry. Some may argue that there's nothing new being introduced here, but this is one of those cases where 'more of the same' is heartily welcomed.

11 songs and 50-minutes of uncompromising intensity here for death metal fans who wallow in the likes of Deicide, Krisiun and Vader.


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