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INFERNO - Basado en Hechos Reales

Released January 23/19 (Necromance Records)

Sophomore album from Spanish thrashers Inferno next on tap, providing a rich, full bodied take on the sub-genre. Not too light and not too heavy, the production places the release in that sweet spot where both occasional and frequent flyer fans of the form can be satiated.

Obviously instrumentally adept, most tracks contain a chugging, headbanging core, elevated by frequent tempo changes, intermittent dual guitar refrains and cool guitar soloing. Juan Manuel Leon's vocals also prove to be a highlight, a gruff delivery sung in his native tongue adding a rough veneer to proceedings. On the back half of the album the band let their inner Slayer shine with a couple of tracks that refer to the So-Cal thrash legends ('Espiral de Mentiras' and 'Exterminio').

Ten tracks and thirty-four minutes later, the listener is left fully gorged. Altogether a professional and fun outing that deserves the attention of thrash enthusiasts.


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