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(Podcast/Video) HIDDEN GEMS - Hard Rock Comeback Albums

Welcome to another edition of our Hidden Gems podcast/video series where we focus on albums or bands that fly under the radar (in our opinion!). Today we investigate and listen to ten underrated comeback albums.

From the 70s to the 2000's ... we've got ten examples of hard rock comeback albums that should have performed better with us unwashed punters!

AUDIO (full tracks)

VIDEO (edited tracks)

(1:41) NAZARETH - 2XS

(5:12) STATUS QUO - Rock 'Til You Drop

(10:54) MOLLY HATCHET - Devil's Canyon

(15:26) THE CULT - Beyond Good and Evil

(20:05) TED NUGENT - Craveman

(23:45) ROSE TATTOO - Pain

(26:44) CHEAP TRICK - Rockford

(30:52) MSG - In The Midst of Beauty

(34:53) URIAH HEEP - Wake The Sleeper

(40:37) THE RODS - Brotherhood of Metal


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