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(Playlist) YES (For Metalheads) - In 40 Minutes

I'll be honest. I've always struggled with getting my head around all things Yes, finding much of their discography overly complex and pretentious ... fidgety-on-purpose ear-ache-my-eye kinda stuff. However, after much training and coaxing from my brother who absolutely adores the band, I have been able to extract an hour and half of their material that sits comfortably in my best-of prog rock file.

Here I have extracted 50 minutes from that file, a playlist that I hope may just appeal to you metalheads out there who are also struggling with the enigma that is Yes.

I've seen all good headbangers joining the Yes call!!!

Side One

The Yes Album (1971)

(0:00) I've Seen All Good People

(6:47) Starship Trooper

Fragile (1971)

(16:15) We Have Heaven

(17:44) Roundabout

Side 2

(26:15) Long Distance Runaround

Close To the Edge (1972)

(29:49) Siberian Khatru

Drama (1980)

(38:48) Tempus Fugit

(44:01) Machine Messiah


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