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(Podcast/Video) 2022 : THE YEAR IN HARDCORE PUNK - In 40 Minutes

Join The Mighty Decibel as we celebrate the year in hardcore punk (including d-beat, punk metal, hardcore and grind). We've curated what we think are the best hardcore punk tunes of 2022, presented here for your listening pleasure. Grind it up!!!



Side 1

(0:00) "Immondice": BOMBARDEMENT - Le Futur Et La

(2:03) "Sanctimony": IRONHAWK - Ritual of the Warpath

(6:26) "In Punk We Thrash": ACIDEZ - In Punk We Thrash

(10:24) "Blood Red Vision": SKUMSTRIKE - Deadly Intrusions

(13:48) "When Might Makes Right": BERTHOLD CITY - When Words Are Not Enough

(15:29) "Surrounded By Filth": KILL DIVISION - Peace Through Tyranny

(19:02) "My Cunt's Cunting Cunted": RASH DECISION - Year of the Silence

Side 2

(20:09)"Kaivosmaa": VIVISEKTIO - Uusi Normaali

(21:37) "Tomorrow Is An Open Grave": CIMITERIUM - Cimiterium

(23:58) "Irreligious": TURBOCHARGED - Alpha Beast, Omega God

(27:56) "Warrior": FINSTER - Antipatriarchal

(31:12) "Raped To Shreds": RAZORRAPE - Fucked Beyond Recognition

(34:59) "Live For Violence": THE LOUSY - Shut Up I'm Talking!!!!

(38:16) "Feast of the Bed Bugs": JAIL - Stolen Commisary Razor


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