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(Podcast/Video) 2021 : THE YEAR IN HARD'N'HEAVY - In 40 Minutes

Join The Mighty Decibel for our specially curated look (listen?) of the best in hard'n'heavy metal for the year. Listen to the best trad metal, hard rock, classic rock and punk rock of the year.

Horns high!!!



Side 1

(0:00) "Scene of the Wild": WITCHSEEKER - Scene of the Wild

(2:30) "Han(d) Solo": ALPHA BOYS - Saviours of Rock'N'Roll

(5:03) "To Those": STYX - Crash of the Crown

(8:06) "Machine Gun": BLOOD SPORT - Hot Blood and Cold Steel

(11:01) "Oh She Said": THE OUTCAST CREW - Myths & Yarns

(13:54) "The Executioner's Woe": BLAZON RITE - Endless Halls of Golden Totem

(17:28) "Quit Waking Me Up": CHEAP TRICK - In Another World

Side 2

(21:10) "Right Time": HOT BREATH - Rubbery Lips

(24:21) "Demolition Derby": MOTORASTOLA - Working Class Metal

(26:40) "Universal Trial": SOLARIUS - Universal Trial

(31:37) "Niemi": KORPIKLAANI - Jhylha

(35:16) "Grace of God": ALCATRAZZ - V


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