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(Podcast) BLACKFOOT - Discography Review

The Mighty Decibel completes its ninth discography review podcast, focusing on legendary southern rockers ... BLACKFOOT.

From No Reservations to After The Reign, all 10 original studio albums are ravaged or lustily approved in this critical review ... with highlighted tracks to help set the record straight!

Join us for the Fox Chase!

(3:59) "Railroad Man" - No Reservations

(7:30) "Stranger On The Road" - Flyin' High

(12:03) "Train, Train" - Strikes

(17:08) "Fox Chase" - Tomcattin'

(23:21)"Good Morning" - Marauder

(29:34) "We're Goin' Down" - Siogo

(35:38) "In For The Kill" - Vertical Smiles

(41:00) "Back On The Streets" (edit) - Rick Medlock and Blackfoot

(43:00) "The Stealer" - Medicine Man

(46:58) "Hang Time" - After The Reign


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