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(Playlist) UFO (Chapman Era) - In 40 Minutes

The debate will never cease. In one corner fanatics loudly proclaim the early albums with Michael Schenker at the guitar post as being the best UFO era. In the other corner are the less numerous fans who proclaim the post-Strangers In The Night four album run with Paul Chapman helming the guitar slot as the absolute peak of UFO studio recorded glory.

Me? I'm firmly in the Chapman camp. Just take a listen to this carefully curated 40 minute best-of playlist to hear why.

Schenker fans? They're dreaming ... blinded by a lie!!!

Side One

No Place To Run (1980)

(0:00) Lettin' Go

(4:03) Youngblood

(8:03) No Place To Run

The Wild, The Willing and The Innocent (1981)

(12:03) Long Gone

(17:22) Makin' Moves

Side 2

(22:07) Lonely Heart

Mechanix (1982)

(27:03) We Belong To The Night

(31:00) Let It Rain

(35:02) Dreaming

Making Contact(1983)

(39:00) Blinded By A Lie


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