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(Playlist) SAVAGE MASTER - In 40 Minutes

The spirit of the NWOBHM lives on in the form of Louisville, Kentucky occult unit Savage Master. Four albums into their career, the band warrant an "In 40 Minutes" spotlight, especially currated for those who haven't had the pleasure of listening to the four masked instrumentalists and one Stacey Savage on warbly and wonderful vocals.

Join the lady of steel as she looks for yet another sacrifice on her nightly hunt. Bow down and obey, fool!!!

Side One

Mask of the Devil (2014)

(0:00) Blood on the Rose

(2:42) The Mystifying Oracle

(5:39) Death Rides The Highway

With Whips and Chains (2016)

(8:00) Path of the Necromancer

(11:45) Looking For A Sacrifice

(15:03) Ready To Sin

Side 2

Myth, Magic & Steel (2019)

(19:33) Myth, Magic & Steel

(22:23) The Devil's Ecstacy

(25:46) Lady of Steel

Those Who Hunt At Night (2022)

(28:32) Hunt At Night

(31:57) Eyes Behind The Stars

(35:23) Spirit of Death

(38:18) The Death of Time


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