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(Playlist) LUCIFER'S FALL - In 40 Minutes

We here at The Mighty Decibel strive to introduce new music to the masses via our In 40 Minutes curated playlists. And this edition we have a band that likely few have heard of ... Lucifer's Fall.

By way of Down Under, Lucifer's Fall have three full lengths and numerous EPs/splits/live recordings of trad/doom to their credit, but it is the quality of the material that stands out here. That and the amazing vocals of Deceiver who pontificates up a storm, really setting this band apart. Amazingly underrated, it's time for you to enter the Gates of Hell and sacrifice your souls to some righteous doom'n'roll.

Fuck you, they're Lucifer's Fall!!

Side One

Lucifer's Fall (2014)

(0:00) The Summoning

II : Cursed and Damned (2016)

(3:57) (Fuck You) We're Lucifer's Fall

(7:07) Sacrifice

Lucifer's Fall/Acolytes of Moros (2019)

(9:47) Death of the Mother

Cardinal's Folly/Lucifer's Folly (2019)

(15:03) Die Witch Die!

Side 2

(20:04) The Gates of Hell

From The Deep (2021)

(24:42) Trident Steel

(29:44) Doom'N'Roll

(32:27) Reverend Revenant

Graveyard Rites (2022)

(37:03) The Asylum/Graveyard Rising


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