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(Playlist) GREEN LUNG - In 40 Minutes

Want to listen to the future of stoner metal? Well, you've come to the right place, because in this edition of our "In 40 Minutes" series we visit the discography of one of doom metal's best up-and-coming entities ... Green Lung.

A truly one-of-a-kind unit, revel in the glorious vocals and atmosphere that this London, England outfit deliver in spades on their three full lengths to date.

Come up for the harrowing ... !!!

Side One

Woodland Rites (2019)

(0:00) Initiation

(2:31) Call of the Coven

Black Harvest (2021)

(7:22) The Harrowing

(9:41) Leaders of the Blind

(14:22) Reaper's Scythe

(18:45) Graveyard Sun

Side 2

(24:26) Old Gods

This Heathen Land (2023)

(28:24) Maxine (Witch Queen)

(32:01) Hunters In the Sky

(37:14) One For Sorrow


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