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(Playlist) 2021:THE YEAR IN HEAVY - In 40 Minutes

Time to celebrate the year 2021 in the heavy music scene.

From extreme metal, to hardcore punk, to doom to trad metal ... and everything heavy in between ... we've got you covered.

Hail to another great year of noise!!!

Side 1

(0:00) "Scene of the Wild": WITCHSEEKER - Scene of the Wild

(2:29) "Unholy Libations": BLACK MASS - Feast At the Forbidden Tree

(7:00) "Bending The Will": BLACK FLARE - Black Flare

(11:12) "Blood of Sorceror": GORGON - Tradition Satanae

(13:52) "The Fight of Our Lives": STYX - Crash of the Crown

(15:46) "Enenra": OSSACRUX - Complete Discography

(18:19) "Keep On Moving": THE QUILL - Earthrise

Side 2

(21:42) "Han(d) Solo": ALPHA BOYS - Saviours of Rock'N'Roll

(24:14) "Medusa": CAPRA - In Transmission

(28:37) "Alcoholic Blasphemy": SCHIZOGOAT - War, Pestilence & Sacrifice

(31:20) "Renegade": THE OUTCAST CREW - Myths & Yarns

(34:24) "Hope?": HOPE? - Dead and Gone

(36:40) "Last Barang": HOT BREATH - Rubbery Lips

(39:41) "The Executioner's Woe": BLAZON RITE - Endless Halls of Golder Totem

(43:11) "Saannot": KOVAA RASVAA - Tasluvulla Tulevaisuuteen


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