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(Playlist) SERPENT COBRA - In 40 Minutes

Looking for some more occult doom to add that extra spicy dread to your life? Well let me introduce you to Argentina's Serpent Cobra.

The Mighty Decibel has taken the best tracks from their two full lengths and one EP to create an excellent 40 minute session of evil stoner doom topped off with the witchy vocals of Carolina Dusau and a bass heavy sound.

Time for some leather whip baby!!!!

Side One

Anatomy of Abuses (2020)

(0:00) Rulers of Hell

(3:45) Lord High Executioner

(7:36) Dear Satan

(12:09) Master of It All

Beware (2021)

(15:59) Bloody Countess

Side 2

(20:56) Walpurgisnight

Metal Disaster (2024)

(26:20) Too Hot

(32:03) Leather Whip Baby

(37:03) Metal Disaster


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