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(Playlist) 1988 - THE YEAR IN METAL

Away we go to 1988 where extreme metal is still thriving ... lots of thrash, death and black metal representation here. However, crossover thrash makes an appearance, along with some melodic punk (gasp!) as well.

So, c'mon - let's get shitfaced and taste the floor!!!

Side 1

(0:00) "Taste The Floor": RAZOR - Violent Restitution

(2:07) "Pull The Plug": DEATH - Leprosy

(6:31) "Manifest Destiny": D.R.I. - 4 Of A Kind

(9:10) "Pace Til Death": BATHORY - Blood, Fire, Death

(12:49) "Silent Scream": SLAYER - South of Heaven

(15:54) "Fuck My Shit Stinks": DAYGLO ABORTIONS - Here Today Guano Tomorrow

(19:08) "If I Should Fall From The Grace of God": THE POGUES - If I Should Fall From The Grace of God

Side 2

(21:28) "F#": NUCLEAR ASSAULT - Survive

(23:54) "Land of Competition": BAD RELIGION - Suffer

(25:56) 'The Bag Lady Song": THE ACCUSED - Martha Splatterhead's Maddest Stories Ever Told

(27:57) "Tribal Convictions": VOIVOD - Dimension Hatross

(32:45) "Maggot Colony": CARCAS - Reek of Putrefaction

(34:20) "Shit Faced": TANKARD - The Morning After

(38:22) "Mother": DANZIG - Danzig


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