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(Playlist) 1987:THE YEAR IN HEAVY - In 40 Minutes

Onwards we go into 1987 where extreme metal still rules the world of heavy. Tons of thrash representation here, along with a smattering of early death metal, while crossover and hardcore each make an appearance as well.

Fear not lovers of trad metal and hard rock, a track of each is also squeezed into our best-of-1987 playlist, adding some variation.

Time for some electroviolence!!!

Side 1

(0:00) "Blind Faith": KREATOR - Terrible Certainty

(4:04) "Order of the Blackguards": VOIVOD - Killing Technology

(8:32) "The Eyes of Horror": POSSESSED - The Eyes of Horror

(11:48) "Outlaw": THE CULT - Electric

(14:39) "Electrocution": SODOM - Persecution Mania

(17:52) "Evil Dead": DEATH - Scream Bloody Gore

Side 2

(20:50) "Tear It Down": D.R.I. - Crossover

(24:26) "The Challenge": ARTILLERY - Terror Squad

(28:36) "Crucified": AGNOSTIC FRONT - Liberty & Justice For ...

(31:03) "Sacred Reich": SACRED REICH - Ignorance

(34:17) "Born To Lose": BLACK SABBATH - The Eternal Idol

(37:56) 'Electroviolence": OVERKILL - Taking Over

(41:39) "Efilnikufesin (NFL)": ANTHRAX - Among The Living


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