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(Playlist) 1982:THE YEAR IN METAL - In 40 Minutes

Onto 1982 we go. While the NWOBHM was beginning to run out of steam, many of the hard rock and metal legacy bands stepped up with great records that year to fill the void. And let's not forget the birth of a sub-genre (d-beat) that year, the naming of another (black metal) ... and the release of one of the first true doom metal records.

You've got to have a heart of stone not to love the year in heavy that was 1982!

Side 1

(0:00) "Restless and Wild": ACCEPT - Restless and Wild

(4:10) "Searching For A Reason": MSG - Assault Attack

(7:56) "Heatsink": ANVIL - Metal On Metal

(11:51) "Free Country": WITCHFINDER GENERAL - Death Penalty

(14:57) "The Nightmare Continues": DISCHARGE - See Nothing, Hear Nothing, Say Nothing

(16:45) "Take The Rap": NAZARETH - 2XS

(19:24) "Heart of Stone": MOTORHEAD - Iron Fist

Side 2

(22:23) "Now": SCORPIONS - Blackout

(24:55) "Filth Hounds of Hades": TANK - Filth Hounds of Hades

(28:51) "Dreaming": UFO - Mechanix

(32:39) "Invaders": IRON MAIDEN - Number of the Beast

(36:01) "Don't Push Me": TED NUGENT - Nugent

(38:35) "Midnight Highway": FRANK MARINO - Juggernaut

(42:19) "Don't Burn the Witch": VENOM - Black Metal


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