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(Extreme Metal) DEMO/EP ROUNDUP - Gravedancer and Sacrocurse

My friends, it's time once again to delve into the filthy metal underground for some more doses of abrasive noise deserving of more attention.

First, we visit Brazil for the debut EP from Gravedancer, appropriately titled Ripping Metal (January 29th on Hellprod). These lads definitely worship at the altar of first wave of black metal, sounding like it could have actually been vomited out of that time period. If there's any doubt, simply listen to second track "Magic Circle" and the concluding cover of Venom's Welcome To Hell. That said, Gravedancer aren't simply parody, instead focusing on a slightly faster and, dare I say it, more professional take on the form, approaching black/speed status. First wave black/speed? Whatever, it's most definitely a lethal and fun listen that'll get the blood pressure going for sure. Love the discernible, bobbing bass and the lascivious vocals too. Buy! (8.5)

Next, we travel down to Mexico for Supreme Terror, the new EP from Sacrocurse (to be issued January 20th by Shadow Records). As expected from a band south of the U.S. border, we're talking extreme metal here, specifically a heaving brand of black/death that revels in flesh. A couple of things stand out here. The first being the band's ability to write abrasively, regardless if pummeling at mid or high tempos, the slower portions being headbang inducing, perfectly setting up the feral ferocity of the speedy sections. Secondly, the mix on this thing is perfect, the band absolutely punishing instrumentally, while ZK's vocals chew up the scenery in malevolent death gargles and howls. Clocking in at four songs in seventeen minutes, underground extreme enthusiasts should definitely check this one out. (7.5)


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