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(Album Review) LOOSE NUKES - Mexploitation

Release date: February 6, 2022

Written by Jeff Tighe

Mexploitation is the second full length release from Houston Texas' favourite punk sons, Loose Nukes. This 16-song, 29-minute album is a mixed bag of punk that sounds like different bands and styles from song to song. They open with three blistering hardcore numbers, including "Inferno" and "Bastardized in Ruin". The fourth song, "I'm Afraid of Americans" is a David Bowie cover that sounds like Dead Kennedys. Meanwhile "Last Call/Urge to Kill" is reminiscent of Suicidal Tendencies. "Mexploitation" has a great bass riff that sounds like something from latter era Ramones.

Generally Loose Nukes are able to keep up the frantic pace that one expects from all great hardcore punk. Stand out tracks include "Radiation Burns", the heavy riffing of "Alchemy" and the old-school feeling "Guns in Church".

Probably the weakest songs are "Oblivion" "Lip Service" and "Chloroform" which are all a bit plodding, but they don't bring the proceedings to a crawl, let alone a halt, so really no harm done. The average song length is about two minutes or less, most songs are here and gone quickly, but "Oblivion" at over four minutes could be shorter.

Overall, fans of previous Loose Nukes releases will not be disappointed, even if this may be a step down from the band's 2020 Cult Leaders release. This is punk for those looking for a good kick in the head.



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