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(HC Punk) DEMO/EP ROUNDUP - Antes De Las Guerras and Kozel

Diving into the underground we uncover two more short play releases deserving of your attention ...

Ah, the sound of raw hardcore punk in the morning! If you're one of those craving something to get you riled up and pissed off to begin the day, then Antes De Las Guerras' Demo2020 (Bandcamp) is the ticket for you. What sets this German unit apart from its peers is the sheer energy being expelled and the throaty roar vocals, as well as whoever is on the skins here. I'm no drum aficionado, but there's something different about his sound. Could it be that he seems a split-second behind in his cadence from what you'd normally expect from this sort of sonic violence? I dunno - but I sure as hell like it. Seven songs in an action packed fifteen minutes awaits those who reach for this piss'n'vinegar punkfest. (8)

We now go the Netherlands for some crust/d-beat from Kozel with their explode-on-impact Papillons EP (Bandcamp). Their calling card is a wall-of-sound attack mostly played at inhuman speeds, subtlety apparently being left outside the garage. Seriously, even the most hardened of war and death metal enthusiasts will be more than satiated by the level of aural punishment this two-man unit bring to the table. At eight songs in twelve minutes, this cranium damaging assault screams "Can you handle it?". Well, can you? (8)

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