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DEMO/EP ROUNDUP - The Owen Guns and Digest! reviews

Once more we delve into the extreme underground for some short play releases ...

If you're into irreverent humour akin to S.O.D.'s infamous Speak English Or Die, The Owen Gun's new EP Violating Community Standards (Maximum Volume Music) will definitely be worth investigating. From hilarious opener "Fuck Cyclists" to an anti-Trump tirade ("The Ballad of Cheetah Hitler") to the lack of rent controls ("Rent"), this Australian unit takes no prisoners with its lyrical content. Musically, this is very much old-school hardcore punk, played fast & furious like it's supposed to be. Intense and fun, this sounds like a crazed beer drinking party in full swing. Pass me that beer would ya?! (8)

Next up, we go to Germany for some punk crusted death metal from Digest! with their new EP Hard To Digest (Bandcamp). Containing four tracks over fifteen minutes, the mix of punishing death with crust speed, along with Barney Greenway-style vomit vocals is totally killer, the down-tuned guitar riffage pounding the kidneys throughout. Grinding you into a pulp, this will appeal to those who require (demand?) non-stop brutality for their aural pleasure. Imagine being caught in the middle of a musical tornado. Check out "Digest", my fave instrument of torture here. (7.5)

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