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Release date March 18, 2008 (The End)

Review originally published in Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles Magazine, Issue #110

Initiating with what could possibly be the most irritating track I've ever heard, this collaboration between Swans vocalist Jarboe and Jesu/Godflesh dude Broaderick starts out not only on the wrong foot, but the wrong planet. A repetitive wailing Jarboe moans incessantly while electronic pulses add frustratingly little depth or nuance to an already feeble premise. A lifetime later (actually seven minutes), five more elongated tracks are then presented leaving the innocent listener disorientated and disinterested.

If avant-garde simply equates to being experimental, then the two Js have succeeded here. Congratulations. However, if there's an expectation that this sort of "music" should attempt to ground itself in a modicum of quality traditional songwriting to offset its eccentricities, then they've failed spectacularly.

Art rock snobs may thumb their noses at me, but to these tired ears this sounds more avant crap than garde. Unless your regular Saturday night routine includes wearing a beret to an art gallery, steer well clear of this.


Update: I dare you to listen to the above linked and noted opening track in full - just once. Wow ... just awful. (0)

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