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THY DYING LIGHT - Thy Dying Light

Release date April 11, 2020 (Purity Through Fire)

There's something really satisfying about black metal delivered with malicious intent, complete with professional performance and production. It hits you right between the eyes, the music seemingly burrowing its way into your cranial cavity bouncing its way around your skull in heated waves. That indeed is what you'll find on this self-titled debut full length from the U.K.'s Thy Dying Light.

Talking about performances, Azrael's drumming is right on point here, while Hrafn (bass + guitar) coughs up blood on the mic totally in keeping with the overall nasty atmosphere. What really stands out though is Thy Dying Light's writing ability, mixing in mid-tempo songs/sections so that when they hit the accelerator it really pastes you back in your chair. Traditional black metal, yes ... but damned effective nonetheless. A misanthropic good time!

Choice cuts: Opener "Under The Horns", along with the equally vicious "The Rise of Evil" and "Fist of Satan".


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