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(Podcast) HARD'N'HEAVY NEW RELEASES - February/March 2020

Our Hard'N'Heavy series of podcasts focuses on new traditional metal and hard rock releases ... along with the odd hard rock'n'roll and melodic punk outing. Basically anything that doesn't fit on our Extreme Metal series!

This edition we focus on January and February 2020 releases. Horns up!



(00:00) ANVIL - Legal At Last (AFM)

(5:38) HELL SPET - Killer Machine (Epidemic Records)

(8:46) NITE - Darkness Silence Mirror Frame (Creator-Destructor Records)

(14:24) ROUGH SPELLS - Ruins At Midday (Bandcamp)

(17:42) SONS OF DISASTER - Cursed (Mottow Soundz)

(21:26) ROSE TATTOO - Outlaws (Cleopatra Records)

(25:45) FINNEGAN'S HELL - Work Is The Death Of The Drinking Class (Sound Pollution)

(28:17) MIDAS - Demo Tapes (Dying Victims)

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