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(Podcast) DOOM METAL NEW RELEASES - March 2020

Welcome to our next installment of Doom Metal where we spotlight new and upcoming releases in doom metal/rock, including stoner of course. This episode we focus on February releases.

We're all doomed!



(0:00) CARDINALS FOLLY - Defying The Righteous Way (Rafchild Records)

(5:34) SMOULDER - Dream Quest Ends (Cruz del Sur)

(11:17) GRACELESS - Where Vultures Know Your Name (Raw Skull Recordz)

(16:58) THE HEAVY EYES - Love Like Machines (Kosmik Artifactz)

(21:43) CASKETS OPEN - Concrete Realms of Pain (Nine Records)

(25:36) MUSCIPULA - Little Chasm of Horror (Caligari Records)

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