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DEMO/EP ROUNDUP - Sarcator and Holocausto War Metal

Let's dive into the extreme underground once again where EPs, singles, mini-albums and demos reside ...

First we go to Sweden for a compilation EP (Visions of Purgatory - Redefining Darkness Records) containing the initial two EPs (both issued in 2019) from Sarcator. First track "Purgatory Unleashed" immediately had me thinking Deathrace King, sharing the same uber-speedy death tendencies ... not surprising given that the 14-year old (!) son of The Crown's Marco Tervonen is the guitarist here. The second track "Deicidal" goes in a slightly different direction though, taking the listener into black/thrash terrain, coming across like face-melting Marduk gone thrash. "Desolate Visions" follows, incorporating Hell Awaits-era Slayer riffage, while the under-one-minute "Sepulchral Noise" goes by in a blur. A youthful outfit full of promise. (7.5)

When we last ran into Holocausto we found the Brazilian unit returning to their black/thrash roots on their 2019 full length Diario de Guerra. Original guitarist and composer of the war metal-era material Valerio Exterminator has now decided to rename the outfit as Holocausto War Metal reflecting the band's decision to stay clear of their experimental industrial phase. A spoken word track opens War General before "I.S.I.S." goes all early-Celtic Frost on our asses, down-tuned pummeling us into a pulp. "Sniper Alvo na Mira" then takes us into more grind-related territory, with drums-of-death accompaniment, of course. The four track, twelve-minute demo concludes with another buzzing black/death dittie in the form of the pulverizing "Criancas Soldado". Altogether this demo provides a great mix of tempos, all wrapped in that raw/dirty feel that Brazilian outfits are renowned for. (7.5)

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