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BONES - Diseased

Release date September 20/19 (Transcending Obscurity)

Absolutely love the opening three tracks on Bones' third full length Diseased, delivering kidney-shot-after-kidney-shot of no compromise, woofer-damaging crust/death. Seemingly heavy enough to disturb the earth's crust, this is the type of stuff you can imagine yourself recklessly headbanging to in a harried pit full of hardened metallers and punkers.

The Chicago-based unit prove themselves to be no one-trick ponies though, throwing some curve balls the rest of the way, starting with fourth track 'Diseased', which sounds like The Cult gone berserk. Then there's 'Down' which incorporates some atypical soft/hard dynamics and they take a turn down Venom Welcome To Hell lane over the concluding third of the album, glorious blubbering bass and all.

A very cool and entertaining ride for those who prefer head crushing heaviness in their aural terror.


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