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WOMIT ANGEL - Under Sadistic Pressure

Release date October 1/19 (Reaper Metal Productions)

Attention all you sick Impaled Nazarene fans out there, Finnish extremists Womit Angel have issued an album that you need to check out, pronto. Under Sadistic Pressure hits all of the Impaled Nazarene pre-requisites: Satan-rising-from-a-nuclear-holocaust album cover, off-the-rails, careening black/punk metal riffage and deranged, incoherent shrieking that passes for vocals.

True, this type of extremism will elicit a "WTF is that?" response from most of the denim and black t-shirt wearing masses, but for those with ears attuned to the underground, this is simply exhilarating, fun stuff. Perfectly recorded too, the rhythm section separated and thick, with the odd plane-falling-from-the-sky lead guitar solo adding that extra shot to the kidneys. Hard to pick fave tracks, but if pushed to the wall I'd point to "Slaughterburster", "Paindomain", "Ominous Bloodletting Ritual" and the relatively nuanced (!) title track as being perfect for the soundtrack of your next nuclear-war-celebrating orgy.


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