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PODCAST #52 - New & Upcoming Releases (Extreme Metal Edition)

Our 'New & Upcoming Releases' podcast series introduces new underground releases to our listeners. This episode we focus solely on extreme metal.

Let the mayhem begin!


(0:00) NUCLEAR REVENGE - Let The Tyrants Rise (Evil Spell)

(3:15) TRENCH WARFARE - Hatred Prayer (Transcending Obscurity)

(5:43) AKANTHA - Baptism In Psychical Analects (Hammerheart)

(9:49) TOXIC CARNAGE - Doomed From The Beginning (Bandcamp)

(13:23) UNDOER - Survival Is A Myth (Sun & Moon Records)

(20:48) MEAN MACHINE - Rock'N'Roll Up Your Ass (Fighter Records)

(23:34) PHOBIA - Generation Coward (Willowtip)

(25:24) FERADUR - Legion (Bandcamp)

(29:08) TOTAL HATE - Throne Behind A Black Veil (Eisenwald)

(32:17) EVIL - Split EP with Siege Column (Nuclear War Now!)

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