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REVENGE - Nocturnal Cult

Release date July 14/19 (Rata Mutante/Bandcamp)

We start this outing with Colombian speed metal unit Revenge (Colombia) with their Nocturnal Cult EP. In existence since 2002, the veteran unit have issued 7 full lengths, 5 EPs (including this one) and numerous singles/splits. The last two full lengths (Harder Than Steel and Spitting Fire) caught the attention of Mighty Decibel headquarters with its traditional metal injected with high octane speed, so ears were combat-ready even before pressing play.

Opening with a short, unremarkable instrumental opener complete with spoken word admonishments, things really kick in when second track 'Sadistik Sodomizer' takes over. Ah, the high-speed chugging riffery that was expected washes over you, getting the 'ol neck muscles to arch back in forth in time with the excess. Cool. The 7-minute title track follows, its first two minutes spent in mid-tempo trad metal territory, before speeding up as expected, down-ratcheting every-once-in-a-while for the melodic chorus and a Maiden-style twin guitar section. The fourth and final track of the package ('Steel Sacrifice') again starts off with a trad opening, before accelerating into speed metal domain, with melodic guitar breaks along the way.

So, while not the band’s best work, altogether it’s still an enjoyable enough EP that will satiate existing fans and should grab some new ears that are attuned to speed metal with a melodic, trad metal bent.


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