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PODCAST #39 - New & Upcoming Releases (Hard'N'Heavy Edition)

Our 'New & Upcoming Releases' podcast series introduces new underground releases to our listeners. This episode we focus solely on hard rock and trad/doom heavy metal.

(1:35) MANOWAR - The Final Battle I (Magic Circle)

(7:48) SMOULDER - Times Of Obscene Evil and Wild Daring (Cruz del Sur)

(14:19) PYTHON - Walking The Night (Bandcamp)

(18:18) LITTLE TRIGGERS - Giving Me Up

(22:02) BLACK GALAXY - Wrath Of The Void

(26:33) THE BAND ROYALE - Loose Lips Sink Ships (Bandcamp)

(30:54) BOURBON HOUSE - The Devil On My Heels

(34:56) BAD RELIGION - Age Of Unreason (Epitaph)

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