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DEMO/EP ROUNDUP - Ghul, Malignant Altar and Snet

We continue to dive into the world of singles, demos, mini-albums and EPs ...

"Consume the flesh of the weak, and let it make you strong." So says California black metal unit GHUL on their debut EP To Profane The Flesh With Crimson Teeth (Bandcamp). This is one of those claustrophobic releases that sounds like you're trapped in a tight box while BM is being blasted in the next room. All hope of someone hearing your cries are lost within the din, as vocalist First Child Of The Dead Seed serenades you into the final darkness. Not for the faint of heart. [7]

MALIGNANT ALTAR on the other hand down-tune their guitars and play death metal oscillating between slow and mid-tempos, owing at least a nod to the mighty Obituary for their sound. Pretty crushing stuff, this is all about pummeling listeners with a groove that will rattle rib cages as long as it's played at appropriately inappropriate volumes and your sub-woofer can hack the workout. Fans of the genre should check out Retribution of Jealous Gods (Bandcamp) for their next dose of death. [7]

Prague's SNET also delve in the death idiom, adding a dose of doom to their sound that just so happens to also crush. A little bit more out of control and higher paced than Malignant Altar, the two-track Promo (Bandcamp) will really bring a wallop of brutality to your day, if you so choose. By the way, the origin of the band's name is explained as follows - "In deep abyss of innocent virgin Mary was rise plague of endless pain called Sněť". Now you know. [7.5]

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