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DEMO/EP ROUNDUP - Hellripper and Crematory Stench

We continue delving into the underground demo/EP/mini-album/ singles world ...

For Midnight fans who felt that their latest platter Sweet Death & Ecstasy was a little too restrained, may I suggest that you seek out the new Black Arts & Alchemy EP from Scotland's HELLRIPPER (Reaper Metal Productions). Four tracks and twelve blistering minutes of high octane black/speed awaits, additional fuel added to the fire by lone-member James McBain's seething, throat tearing vocal affronts. Especially love how the concluding 'Headless Angels' closes out with a fierce rhythmic burst that brings to mind the mighty Razor. [7.5]

After a quick, eerie instrumental ditty, it's all systems go for dirty death metallers CREMATORY STENCH with their Grotesque Deformities EP (Headsplit Records). The California-based unit dive headlong into murky polluted death here, riffs twisted and abrasive, no technical shenanigans getting in the way of a good solid beating. The vocal expulsions seal the deal, tortured bellowing that drags you below, to where the death underground persists. This is the kinda stuff that hits you straight in the gut, evoking a fight or flight response. For true believers. [7]

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