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WITCHERS CREED - Awakened From The Tomb ...

Release date February 22/19 (Ripple Music)

2019 is shaping up to be the year of doom in the world of metal. Soulmass, Sacred Monster, Candlemass, Lucifer's Fall and INTRCPTR have already issued excellent slabs of dread this year ... and now we can add Witchers Creed to that list.

Truth be told, Awakened From The Tomb took a few spins to get me to buy in though. Initially turned off somewhat by some psychedelic vocals and odd musical decisions that steered the material away from its trad doom chassis, repeated listens allowed this ol' timer to finally come to grips with the material. Kinda odd hearing something akin to Jim Morrison singing along to old Sabbath, but after being assimilated to its charms, it all seems natural now.

Chunky riffs out of the Volume 4 handbook are spiced with some fiery lead guitar work and memorable choruses, giving this a timeless feel. That said, Witchers Creed throw in several curve balls along the way, challenging the listener to sit-the-f***- down and focus on the music, dammit. 'Larissa' goes for that slow, evil Danzig burn, 'Salem "Resurrection"' does a slight left into Cathedral territory with a shout-along chorus ("You're all doomed!") and a number of psychedelic, introspective instrumental moments litter the document. Really like how they ended the record with the instrumental title track, reminding everyone that their modus operandi remains trad doom, despite some of the twists and turns they provided along the way.

Hard to believe that this is a debut. Timeless.


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